JoeRayW’s Top 5 Films 2012

It was certainly hard picking my top five films this year. I had it down to eight, and the last few days have involved constant switching. I haven’t even been able to sleep because of it! Apart from those ten hours last night and the eight hours the night before, but that’s beside the point! I’ve decided for now, and I’m not going to go back and edit my words later down the line. Unless I can’t sleep again. That’s why there should only be five really good movies a year, makes things simple.

5. Looper (28th September 2012)
Write Up:


The trailers promised sci-fi balls to the wall action that the film didn’t end up delivering, and thus a lot of people felt cheated when they saw this country field house drama. But Looper is still one of the years best films, providing a sci-fi system which doesn’t become to over-cumbersome in explanation, and you really feel the weights bringing down our cast ,including Bruce Willis as future Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as they try to find a future. Be it in the past.

4. The Pirates! In An Adventure With Scientists (28th March 2012)
Write Up:


With the amount on banal kids films I’ve put up with this year, and the increasingly normal Pixar features, Pirates! is the saviour on these shipwrecked seas. A claymation beaut which gives Hugh Grant his most tolerable role ever, as he goes off on an adventure to become the Pirate of the Year with his merry crew. It’s a fun adventure packed with detail, subtleties, The Clash and a woman with a beard. Something which tickles everyone’s fancies then. Yarr.

3. Dredd 3D (7th September 2012)
Write Up:


Dredd 3D maybe the second block raiding movie of the year, but it has enough grit and energy to stand up for itself. Then crush everything else under its feet. This is the comic book adaptation of the year, bringing hard up violence and a dystopia future generally discarded for clinical white rooms in our ever progressive Hollywood. It isn’t convoluted, watered down or overbearing due to fist bumping gags, instead bringing artistic vision to the usage of drugs and some great crunchy action. Seeing everything swirl around in slow motion in 3D sells the format to me in a way no film has ever done before. It makes you want to start taking some of that drug. … No it doesn’t.

2. Seven Psychopaths (5th December 2012)
Write Up:

seven p

Seven Psychopaths is a film which has been with me since I saw it a few weeks back. I didn’t do a dodgy camcorder recording, that’s not what I mean, but the story and characters have been running around in my head like the giggling demons often do. These psychopaths are beautifully realised, even if one of them happens to be fictional, and the bizarre structure and convention breaking makes it an action film where the action isn’t the pivotal piece. It’s dark, a little bit f’ed up but ultimately warms the heart. It’s my main resolution to be a psycho next year or a dognapper. They seem to lead good lives.

1. The Raid (18th May 2012)
Write Up:

the raid

Number one goes to that other block raiding movie of the year. This gritty martial arts flick is packed with a suffocating atmosphere, little hope and a lot of gore. Everyone needs to watch a feel good movie now and then. The Raid excels thanks to the exhilarating fight scenes which bring some of the exhaustion of the fist flying to the viewer and the tension is so thick, it would make things too murky to watch if it was a visible feeling. It might not be the smartest film, or the deepest, but it has a guy who goes flying out of a window about ten stories high. And that’s all you need to be movie of the year.

And so comes an end to my top five lists for the year. We might do it again next year, who knows? I might just break out from the conspiracy of consumerism by then. But probably not, this year was too much fun. Even if I did have to listen to the new Green Day and watch The Amazing Spider-Man. Still having fun.


3 thoughts on “JoeRayW’s Top 5 Films 2012

    • It tough choosing between Looper, Cabin In The Woods, Argo and Moonrise Kingdom for my number five of the year, but I think Looper has a level of depth which will make it a more satisfying movie through repeat viewings. I found Batman a bit convoluted, padded and full of unessential plot twists and characters. It was enjoyable, but it was a big step down on Dark Knight by trying to step up too much. I think Avengers was probably a more hero film.

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