Cadbury Dairy Milk Mint Bubbly


The green text looks glow in the dark rather than minty fresh. Imagine if the chocolate actually glowed once the lights went out? It wouldn’t be the kind of thing you want in your mouth, but it would be cool. And useful in a black out. I think in 2012 we aren’t allowed such treats, the days of glow in the dark Coco Pops are no more.  Continue reading


KFC Gladiator Box Meal


The Fillet Box Meal is a pretty sweet deal at KFC, isn’t it? A fillet burger, one piece of chicken, one side, one portion of chips and a drink. That’s enough to fill any normal junk food craving being up. But it won’t fill a gladiator, oh no.  Continue reading

Nestle Yorkie Man Size Buttons

SDC11564Man Sized Buttons! Not big enough for puny women. Or something. They’re bigger than my coat buttons so I’m starting to feel a little uneasy about my man status. Apparently great for Sports Night In, car journeys and action movies! Bring them instead of beer and feel the manly embrace. Or a beating.  Continue reading

Cadbury Dairy Milk With Oreo

A few days ago the Cadbury Oreo bar found its way into my mouth. It was a casual passing of chocolate without any notion from the chocolate sharer that it was a Oreo special. The soft white creamy filling and crunchy biscuit with the smooth layer of Cadbury’s chocolate makes for a heavenly combo. I’m sure this is what it tastes like inside people’s mouths up there. Which sounds a bit gross, but it isn’t!  Continue reading

Subway Big Beef Melt

Meet the big beef melt, basically a burger on a sub. The circle is complete. Healthier than McDonalds? Well, you can put some olives on it.

Tastes quite good, despite being soft and pale looking,  and I found it quite unsettling when I witnessed the hard slab of beef heated up into an edible format within thirty seconds. Bit like those instant burgers you buy in the supermarket, but with less grit. Yummy.