Sinking Through Garbage…

I’m drowning in my own words, a sea of black inky nonsense keeping me under. There is no use following the current, there is no current. And the only island to wash ashore to is The Island Of Clutter, a place as suffocating as the deep black sea of words. I don’t want to go back to that place, it would be too much like clockwork. 

Thankfully I can hold my breath for approximately eighteen months, three weeks, twenty-two hours, thirty-five minutes and twenty-nine seconds in these murky depths. And as I sink, I see a shimmering gap below. It might be nothing, or a portal to another world.  Whatever the case, I dive inside, straight on through to the other side… 


JoeRayW’s 2012

SDC115822012 for me could be called ‘The Year Of Sucking Lollipops’, or ‘The Year Of Being In One Place Then Ending In Another Place’. Whatever the year was for me, it was one of bits. Bits ending, bits lost, bits adapting. So bitty. A three-part saga.  Continue reading

No More November 2012

SDC11549It went away with the icy wind.

Work started getting busy. Today I never stopped climbing those ladders. They have no top.

And summer broke into the cold harshness of November. A bright ray of light broke through and it’s been here ever since. It sits in the corner and shines. But that corner seems so far away.

And then the icy wind came. And so did a Wii U. But 12.15-18.00 on repeat calls.

Welcome to work. This is life.

And some writing did trickle out of all this. A few more taps and we’ll have a flood!