Joe Ray Travels The World! Spain – Costa Del Sol

My trip to Spain was a while back now, to the point that thinking back is like creating a vibrant daydream rather than a past reality. Those single week throw-downs in the sun always feel like that later on. Ah, Costa Del Sol? Just a dream. Those pictures were printed from a dream analyst and they most certainly aren’t real. Continue reading


Joe Ray Travels The World! – St. Andrews Gardens

St. Andrews Gardens, a pleasant-sounding place. Sounds like a place people go to when they want to lie in the dog crap smeared grass. But there is little grass in this place, just a patch here and there; this is accommodation for students and Italian chefs. I lived there for just short of a year, and I guess it’s time to show you just what sort of place it is. I was much too busy (lazy) to do this before.

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Ibiza 2011

Hello everybody, I’m back! I woke up staring at a ceiling I know only too well, the one I feel I wake up to everyday. The time of looking up at a fresh hotel ceiling was but a distant memory, did I even go away? The week of sunny Ibiza was now a dream. Only the burns, scratches, weight surplus and photos told me that the week had happened. Ibiza is a nice place and I had been back to familiar territory. I covered it all two years ago here: . Nothing had changed in two years so I felt instead of detailing the land of sunshine, I’ve put up a list of things I became aware of while sleeping under unfamiliar ceilings. Continue reading

I Went To Gregynog (The Sequel)

Last year the tent went and got my long lost relative Joel Roy Madhouse ( It was a terrible story which had me checking behind me as I was walking each day thinking they would come for me to. But as long as I didn’t enter Gregynog I would be safe. Unfortunately as you can see by the picture to the left I ended up there. Someone spiked my drink as I was at Burger King and I awoke by some hedges which looked suspiciously like giant fish fingers. I smelt them and can confirm they are in fact hedges and not fish. Continue reading

Joe Ray Travels The World!: Blackpool

How I ended up in St. Annes is because I was in Blackpool. I wouldn’t actually travel to a place like St. Annes by choice you know. Putting aside that journey, it is time to look at Blackpool! The city which seems to get a lot of stick.

I was sat on a train a few weeks ago talking to an old guy, as usual. I brought up Blackpool and I can’t remember why but he had things to say about it. Living in a small town nearby (probably St. Annes) he seemed to have great hatred for the place. He told me Blackpool is a shit hole and all sorts of other bad names before going on about roads and other such stuff that flew over my head. I replied that I think Blackpool has a nice appeal even though I haven’t really been to the town properly since I was a kid. This chance conversation made me think and I remember I knew someone who lived in Blackpool kinda, somewhat, a little and thought to contact them. I was planning to talk about the roads and whatever else this man told me about but it resulted in lights and a planned trip. I packed my small bag and got excited like I do for Christmas. Continue reading