Poem 17: Super Sane Trace Hickens Chapter 4: The Man With The Can

Dick, he never leaves me alone.
Stupid detective who wants to solve me.
Idiot with a strong scent of…


I meet him at the strobe light bar,
A strip club, he has no taste.
I take some wine and away
I wait. Continue reading


Poem 16: Super Sane Trace Hickens Chapter 3: Town And About

I live a small train ride away from work
Not that it matters like
I take the train by standing on top
Slouching when a tunnel entrance appears
It saves money and I don’t disturb anyone inside
I don’t think they mind

The city always seems to be dark
Daytime doesn’t exist in a place like this
The sun can’t hide the dark hearts of humans.
It is why I’m needed,
with my rainbow coloured boots of justice! Continue reading

Poem 15: Super Sane Trace Hickens Chapter 2: The Evil Mastermind Man

Dun a dun a!
My lair is lovely and dark
Dun a dun a!
My hair is all over and fluffy
Dun a dun a!
I am The Evil Mastermind Man!

My voice is deeper than the earths crust
My power is greater than the sun
My face is more handsome than a god
My ideas more masterful than Einstein
My plan is to have everything which anyone wants. Continue reading

Poem 13: Poem Series chapter 1 : Super Sane Trace Hickens

Super Sane Trace Hickens Chapter 1: Myself and Myself

It started all with an introduction
The form was blue and
I thought what could I do?
I grabbed my perfect pen
No chewing, full ink
and began to write my name…

Super Sane Trace Hickens I put
It made sense to me as that is me
Yet people question the start
Is it not cool to have a nickname?
I made it sure but that is me. Continue reading