Twisted Pop: Developer Diary 2

It has been a quiet month for Twisted Pop but now settled into my new work area and more ideas boiling around in my head. Such as helter skelter fight scenes and how to reveal certain pieces of information to the readers and not to the protagonists. As you can see it isn’t all about helter skelter fights and men in tights. Continue reading

Twisted Pop Developer Diary 1

With the ten chapter pilot over (yes it wasn’t the real thing *cough*) it was only a matter of time before I’d pick up my pen and get going for the real deal, the world of Twisted City (name unfortunately still pending) would come alive and it would be more awesome than tuna and cheese melt. Though I realise that is impossible, so maybe just as good as a cheese sandwich on cold hard bread. Better. Continue reading

Twisted Pop Chapter 9.5: Recap

Previously on Twisted Pop!

The city is twisted surrounded by desert. Buildings are build up and trains travel underground. There isn’t much room for vehicles so people mainly walk or use scooters. The city is run by a government named ‘The Rainbows’, seven main officials running under a mysterious man named Iris. There is a mob going around causing problems too but they aren’t doing so well these days. Enter Roy Ran Red, a man who seems a little dizzy as he tries to protect a metal watermelon everyone wants. He works with his female friend Alexandria Dover who works as a pizza delivery girl part-time. Unfortunately she runs overs her customers most the time and attacked the mob boss causing the mob members to hunt her down.

Currently Orange has betrayed the organisation and has killed Red and Yellow along with trying to blow up a passenger train to make the government seem unable to control the events of the city. He is stopped by Violet though and starts a fight to the death. He wins by blowing her legs off and is ready to escape and start his master plan. Continue reading

Twisted Pop Chapter 9:This is the night when things move and twist

Chapter 9: This is the night when things move and twist
Alexandria heard all about the adventures Roy had got up to when she returned and she managed to share hers to. Both troublesome nights and all they could do were to try to laugh it off over cheap pizza provided by Alexandria, and water provided by the empty white room they were trying to get cosy in.
‘So who could it be? Dave wouldn’t go off and kill himself unless he didn’t want to get caught that badly.’ Alexandria pondered as she strolled up and down the room holding her biker’s helmet.
‘I have suspicions now, especially as you mentioned Mr. Mystery being in the area.’ Alexandria stopped and looked at Roy. ‘No I don’t suspect him, I think someone wanted these people dead because he’s scared of some power overthrow, he’s following this new government like a flea follows a dog and maybe what if the promoter was going to give these white rooms a bad write-up? Someone trying to take down all the enemies, the ones not clean thinking within the government?’ Roy blew an imaginary puff as he removed a lollipop from his mouth.
Continue reading

Twisted Pop Chapter 8: A murder case isn’t a murder case without murder


Chapter 8: A murder case isn’t a murder case without murder
The evening was setting in and Alexandria was riding down the streets on a scooter supplied by Silver Tree. The sky was orange with a little smog though little could be seen due to all the weaving of the twisted buildings which looked as if they were grabbing hold of each other. The wind was blowing through her hair, the green goggles protecting her eyes and the pizza boxes were strapped onto her back with little hating squares stuck on each box so she could take her time. She wasn’t really thinking of the job though as the scooter spouted legs (a silver tree device) and started climbing up the bronze buildings to the higher areas, she had her mind on Roy and his reaction to the project Silver Tree had underway. ‘I don’t know anything about him but it’s going to be tough learning more, I’d have to delve into my past… I just can’t do that.’ As she rode up she looked behind to see the Silver Tree egg-shaped mansion, as she looked she had to blink because she swore she could see something on top. Maybe it was Silver the dog? She shrugged it off and carried on her pizza delivery quest. Continue reading