Welcome To The N.H.K


Welcome To The N.H.K
Release Date: 9th January 2012 (UK)
24 Episodes
Director: Yusuke Yamamoto 
Rating: 15
MVM Films, Gonzo

The N.H.K is a conspiracy out to get us all. With all the consumerism taking importance in our lives, we no longer want to go out and we start to become socially inept. The world needs shut ins so those who aren’t have someone to look down on so they can get through their own lives. The N.H.K is out to get you. It may already have.  Continue reading


Samurai Champloo

Samurai Champloo 
Release Date: 6th September 2010
26 Episodes
Director: Shinichiro Watanabe 
Rating: 15
MVM Films, Manglobe 

The samurai era was a great time for sword fighting, hip hop, graffiti, baseball, and beat boxing as seen by the one hundred per cent historically accurate Samurai Champloo. Right?  Continue reading


Release Date: 14th August 2009
Director: Takeshi Koike 
Rating: 15
Madhouse, Tohokushinsha Film

The current anime pouring out from Japan is all the same. Small school girls with large assets and some lucky otaku kid getting all the love. They existed in the past, but now they have infested, leaving little room for anime that keeps things cool. The days of Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion and Akira seem long gone. But Redline drives on by to show that there is still hope. And it drives on by so fast it feels like your eyes just may pop. And like your ears are about to fall off. Not painful.  Continue reading

Darker Than Black Gemini Of The Meteor

Darker Than Black Gemini Of The Meteor 
Release Date: 26th December 2011
12 Episodes and 4 OVA episodes 
Director: Tensai Okamura 
Rating: 15
Manga, Bones, Funimation 

Darker Than Black was awesome, like Cowboy Bebop meets X-Men, and the news of a sequel was always going to be welcome with open arms. But when you see series 2 rushing towards you with a tween age lead character in tow, those arms starts to pull back. Pandering to the Japanese masses, Darker Than Black is back with fan service and a lesbian ninja. Way to lower the tone, guys! Continue reading

Bleach Series 05 Part 02

Bleach Series 05 Part 02
Release Date: 1st November 2010
Covers episodes 100-109
Director: Noriyuki Abe
Rating: 15
Manga/Studio Pierrot

The final part of the Bount saga, finally it’s all over. Four previous sets took us through the OAP paced story of vampire type characters causing havoc with their doll powers. Many battles from Ichigo and co took place, most ending in stalemates. It was slow, uninteresting and full of inconsistent art and animation. The finale doesn’t really fix any of this and goes out with a jerky sigh of relief. Vampires ruin everything.  Continue reading


Director: Hiromasa Yonebayashi 
Release Date: 27th July 2010
Rating: U
Studio Ghibli 

You are never more than eighteen feet away from a little person. At night they wander around your bedroom taking away your prized collection of Pogs and plectrums, and you never notice. So, they coin their thievery as borrowing that which is not missed. It would be a bigger problem if they started ‘borrowing’ chocolate bars and South Park DVDs. Arrietty is a Japanese take on the Borrowers and it shows that some humans do not take kindly to missing sugar cubes.  Continue reading

Millennium Actress

Millennium Actress
Release Date: 28th July 2001
Director: Satoshi Kon
Rating: PG
Manga Entertainment, Madhouse

Movies tell grand tales for us all to enjoy. For an actress however, they make up part of their life, and Millenium Actress takes us through one actresses career in an interview to remember. Chasing after the man she loves, prepare for reality to bend and integrate into her acting roles. Easy viewing this is not. Continue reading