Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy

anchormanAnchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy 
Release Date: 9th July 2004
Director: Adam McKay 
Rating: 15
Apatow Productions, DreamWorks Pictures 

Ron Burgundy is the man. He brings the news to everyone in San Diego and he does it with charm and devilishly good looks. If we had a reporter like Ron Burgundy on the BBC, I’d be on it 24/7. It’s the hair that does it.  Continue reading


Welcome To The N.H.K


Welcome To The N.H.K
Release Date: 9th January 2012 (UK)
24 Episodes
Director: Yusuke Yamamoto 
Rating: 15
MVM Films, Gonzo

The N.H.K is a conspiracy out to get us all. With all the consumerism taking importance in our lives, we no longer want to go out and we start to become socially inept. The world needs shut ins so those who aren’t have someone to look down on so they can get through their own lives. The N.H.K is out to get you. It may already have.  Continue reading

South Park 5: The Complete Fifth Season


South Park 4 The Complete Fourth Season
Release Date: 2001
Directors: Trey Parker and Matt Stone
Rating: 15
Comedy CentralParamount

If season 5 of South Park teaches anything, it’s not to anger Cartman. Seriously, you don’t want to do it! And so begins Season 5, shock after shock with a drugged up towel in between.  Continue reading

True Grit (DVD)

Film: True Grit
Release Date: 11th February 2011 (UK)/ 13th June 2011 (DVD)
Directors: The Coen Brothers
Rating: 15
Paramount Pictures

It was all about old versus new back when the Coen remake of True Grit hit the big screen (see my thoughts here), but after determining that the two are both excellent yarns about a drunken bounty hunter it’s now all about second viewings versus original perception. Draw! Continue reading

South Park 4 The Complete Fourth Season

South Park 4 The Complete Fourth Season
Release Date: 2000
Directors: Trey Parker and Matt Stone
Rating: 15
Comedy Central, Paramount

South Park season 4 was still at a time when the series had the children acting like children and gave off a sweet sense of innocence. Such as molestation charges, Man Boy loving and finger banging. So innocent.  Continue reading

Moonrise Kingdom (DVD)

Moonrise Kingdom
Director: Wes Anderson
Release Date: 25th May 2012/ 1st October 2012 (DVD)
Rating: 12
American Empirical Pictures, Indian Paintbrush, Scott Rudin Productions, Focus Features

A long summer has passed since Moonrise Kingdom hit the cinemas. (My piece can be found here.) With the winter season fast approaching I wonder if the bright colours of the forest and youthful romance can warm my heart once more. It’s frozen up again.  Continue reading

Ghost World

Ghost World 
Release Date: 20th July 2001
Director: Terry Zwigoff 
Rating: 15
Granada Film, Jersey Shore, Mr. Mudd Productions, United Artists 

After graduation the real world beckons. Some make it through seamlessly as they adapt to society, while others feel everything begin to crumble under their feet. The world becomes a ghost world as they fail to grow into a new skin, one which can accept working in an office 9-5 for the rest of their days. I can already see these cracks under my feet.  Continue reading