JoeRayW’s 2012

SDC115822012 for me could be called ‘The Year Of Sucking Lollipops’, or ‘The Year Of Being In One Place Then Ending In Another Place’. Whatever the year was for me, it was one of bits. Bits ending, bits lost, bits adapting. So bitty. A three-part saga.  Continue reading


JoeRayW’s Top 5 Films 2012

It was certainly hard picking my top five films this year. I had it down to eight, and the last few days have involved constant switching. I haven’t even been able to sleep because of it! Apart from those ten hours last night and the eight hours the night before, but that’s beside the point! I’ve decided for now, and I’m not going to go back and edit my words later down the line. Unless I can’t sleep again. That’s why there should only be five really good movies a year, makes things simple. Continue reading

JoeRayW’s Top 5 Games 2012

Welcome to my 2012 top five games list! It was particularly tough going to pick my five favourite games this year due to the high density of quality titles. Not the fact that I’ve only played five new games this year… at least they were all fantastic! It would be a pretty embarrassing top five if I had chosen to buy Hitman Absolution and Resident Evil 6 over some of these sparking discs of delight. Continue reading


No longer a Twitter exclusive, here is ‘Purchase’:

She bought true love from a vending machine. It jammed.



And here is a bonus story called ‘Prostitute’:

Grandma got stuck in Prague.


JoeRayW Is Three

Happy birthday! Three years old today and he’s finally learnt how to speak. He said: ‘I want to die!’ How cute! Hopefully he will turn his crawl into a full on walk this year. The third year was a rather safe one. After the first year experimented to see what worked and the second year started to refine things a little, year three just carried on trucking as I went through my final year of university. A lot of opinions, but that’s what people seem to like the most here, so opinions it is.

I think waking up is rubbish.

I don’t like peanut butter.

Walking is rather clichéd.

And so here’s to another year of them! Though I think the fourth year should move into more Typhoo type areas. Outside of the opinions, the Typhoo entries were what I enjoyed the most. It was something you couldn’t get anywhere else and that’s what I think is needed.

You can’t get Lucky Charms in Tesco.

But you can get Chicken Lasagna.

And now for the stats:

162, 087 views
1,382 posts
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A lot of numbers, they certainly mean something.

Thanks for listening, even when I’m not. Year Four go!