JoeRayW’s 2012

SDC115822012 for me could be called ‘The Year Of Sucking Lollipops’, or ‘The Year Of Being In One Place Then Ending In Another Place’. Whatever the year was for me, it was one of bits. Bits ending, bits lost, bits adapting. So bitty. A three-part saga.  Continue reading


No More November 2012

SDC11549It went away with the icy wind.

Work started getting busy. Today I never stopped climbing those ladders. They have no top.

And summer broke into the cold harshness of November. A bright ray of light broke through and it’s been here ever since. It sits in the corner and shines. But that corner seems so far away.

And then the icy wind came. And so did a Wii U. But 12.15-18.00 on repeat calls.

Welcome to work. This is life.

And some writing did trickle out of all this. A few more taps and we’ll have a flood!

JoeRayW Is Three

Happy birthday! Three years old today and he’s finally learnt how to speak. He said: ‘I want to die!’ How cute! Hopefully he will turn his crawl into a full on walk this year. The third year was a rather safe one. After the first year experimented to see what worked and the second year started to refine things a little, year three just carried on trucking as I went through my final year of university. A lot of opinions, but that’s what people seem to like the most here, so opinions it is.

I think waking up is rubbish.

I don’t like peanut butter.

Walking is rather clichéd.

And so here’s to another year of them! Though I think the fourth year should move into more Typhoo type areas. Outside of the opinions, the Typhoo entries were what I enjoyed the most. It was something you couldn’t get anywhere else and that’s what I think is needed.

You can’t get Lucky Charms in Tesco.

But you can get Chicken Lasagna.

And now for the stats:

162, 087 views
1,382 posts
21 categories
3,969 tags

A lot of numbers, they certainly mean something.

Thanks for listening, even when I’m not. Year Four go!

Thought Of The Month May 2012

Three full months now remain of my time in Liverpool, then I’ll probably be leaving the place for good. I need to decided how best to spend my time in between the charity work, I don’t want to feel like I didn’t make enough of the John Lewis toilets.

And this month should most likely see the final uni results. I hope I did alright, I think I did alright. It gives me something to worry about anyway. I always need that.

Let May bring about the growth of a delinquent. Here’s a delinquent fact:

You can’t choose to be a delinquent, this is decided from birth. The delinquent can push as far as they can up the social ladder, but each delinquent will come to the same conclusion; the bed is comfier than the store, working hard is such a chore. It’s in the delinquent genes.