JoeRayW’s Top 5 Albums 2012

After having only five games to pick from for the top five games list, I’m spoilt for choice when it comes to music selection. Only problem is I haven’t really found much new music I like this year. Either new bands popping up sounding like ‘lite’ versions of bands I was expecting (The Knife, Queens Of The Stone Age and MGMT releases ran off into 2013) or it was popular bands pushing out bland new material. Though it wasn’t all so bad, these five albums made 2012 a little easier on the ears. Continue reading


JoeRayW’s Top 5 Games 2012

Welcome to my 2012 top five games list! It was particularly tough going to pick my five favourite games this year due to the high density of quality titles. Not the fact that I’ve only played five new games this year… at least they were all fantastic! It would be a pretty embarrassing top five if I had chosen to buy Hitman Absolution and Resident Evil 6 over some of these sparking discs of delight. Continue reading

JoeRayW’s Top Five Games: 2011 Edition

Top five was easy for games this year. Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3, FIFA 12, Battlefield 3, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2012 and F1 2011! … Of course you’d never see those titles in my top five, unless somehow they were the only five games I’d played this year, not like I’d make a top five when I’d just played five titles…

OK, I would. It has been an incredible year for games this year however and it has been really tough to pick my top five. Well it wasn’t that tough, just the deciding factor if I could include The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time 3D. Being a fancy port I have left it out, but it is the best port of the year, believe it! Now onto the top five. Continue reading

JoeRayW’s Top 5 Films: 2011 Edition

Another year reaches the finish line, the lap times seem to be improving each year. One thing that hasn’t been improving each year is the quality of cinema. Maybe a touch harsh, but remakes, licensed film adaptations and money-making super hero flicks of widely varying quality don’t make 2011 a year to remember. I missed out on the likes of Drive, Black Swan (which isn’t an original premise, see Perfect Blue), Sherlock Holmes 2, Moneyball, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and no doubt a whole load of niche classics I will discover in a few years time, but the selection I saw left me feeling cold. Well, not all. And so begins my personal top five of the year! Continue reading

Joe Ray’s Top Five 2010: Games

And now for the top five games of the year. Movie has been done: and music: . Last year it went in reverse with games getting the first post and films last, maybe this was planned to reverse it all this year?

There have been a load of great games this year though when it comes to making my top five list there are rules. First I ignore ports of old games which kind of go in the same vein as the Pinkerton Deluxe Edition reasoning in the music section so the likes of Perfect Dark have to be missed. Remakes are fine as they tend to have enough new things to be featured, so Monkey Island Special Edition 2 would be fine. Then I forget about ports of games which came out elsewhere last year which means Plants Vs. Zombies, Zeno Clash and And Yet It Moves miss the cut. Harsh but they should have got them to me last year while everyone was enjoying the games on PC! And the final rule is I have to have completed the game, I feel it makes my top five list a little fairer as I’ve seen everything they have to offer. It does make me wave to The Last Window, Donkey Kong Country Returns and Red Dead Redemption though. See all these omissions as worthwhile games and let us tuck into the top five games of the year!

Top Five Games Of 2010: Whatever Joe Ray Thinks. (And click the picture for a link to my blog entries on them) Continue reading

Joe Ray’s Top Five 2010: Albums

And the top five lists by me continue as I leave the movies and move onto the music. The 2010 top five movie list is here: and the music list happens to be on this very post. Who’d have thought?

So music this year, I haven’t enjoyed the albums I’ve listened to as much as last years lot. Nothing really stood out for me in such a way as they did last year but that doesn’t mean I didn’t listen to some great CDs this year. Pinkerton Deluxe Edition by Weezer would easily be my number one despite Pink Triangle featuring five times. But I see it as a super special edition rather than a new release, the tracks are B sides and completions of uncompleted tracks you see. Voting it one on a 2010 list would be similar to voting a Blu Ray of Star Wars with two extra minutes footage as number one and that won’t do. So like with The Beatles Stereo versions last year Pinkerton must stay at the side but it can be happy to know it is the best music I’ve heard all year, even if most of it is from fourteen years ago. So let us put on our headphones and listen to some Justin Bieber.

Top Five Albums Of 2010: Whatever Joe Ray Thinks. (And click the picture for a link to my blog entries on them or something else like the official site or a photo of a watermelon.) Continue reading

JoeRay’s Top Five 2009: Music

Next it is time to present the official Joe Ray music awards! Check the game awards here: I’m not so well-educated on the music scene so this top five may disgust some but I loved these five albums like my own imaginary children. Without further ado, lets begin!

5. Pearl Jam – BackSpacer (September 20th 2009)

A 36 minute album which sounds barely anything like their previous stuff, more punk than grunge really. Surely this is no good? But it is good, very entertaining listen with some great new tracks such as ‘Supersonic’ , ‘Unthought Known’ and ‘Force Of Nature’. In retrospect I think the more emotional songs are a little grating but it shows Pearl Jam are far from done and feel more comfortable with their music more than ever! More here: Continue reading