JoeRayW’s 2012

SDC115822012 for me could be called ‘The Year Of Sucking Lollipops’, or ‘The Year Of Being In One Place Then Ending In Another Place’. Whatever the year was for me, it was one of bits. Bits ending, bits lost, bits adapting. So bitty. A three-part saga.  Continue reading


Uni Complete

The last assignment has been handed in, I am no longer a student. When I gave the piece in everyone in the library stopped and applauded, a lady in a bikini threw flowers over me and confetti fell from the ceiling. I stepped outside and walked into a suit, held the a beautiful lady’s hand and got to work in an office.

Then I snapped out of it and gave the work in before walking silently away.

Now a full-time delinquent. What I’ve always wanted.

Second Year Uni End

Done once more. It hasn’t set in that the second year has ended. Instead my mind was filled with other things, I’d like to forget.

Essay was shaky, but the rest seems alright. June will answer all.

I just feel a little morbid emptiness. Is there even any care anymore?

I can’t even think straight.

The pills are settling in once more. My mind isn’t even my own anymore.

First Year Of Uni: Passed!

The papers came through, earlier than I’d expected. I thought I’d be waiting till at least the middle of July, wondering where my life would go, would I be progressing, or regressing into some lonely dole awaiting shell? They were here in that professional brown envelope telling me this was important, perfect report size. I already knew when I opened it the results, I was confident for a change that this year went well and I would be moving on. And I was. Continue reading